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Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyer
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Meissner Law Firm - Personal Injury


Werner R. Meissner has represented victims of clergy abuse, childhood molestation, and other forms of sexual abuse since the 1990s. (See articles here and here). He is a compassionate and relentless fighter who is willing to listen to and understand the stories of courageous survivors of sexual abuse and ultimately hold the offending party accountable through appropriate legal action.


There is no single or correct way to seek justice and accountability for sexual abuse. Some survivors choose to tell their painful stories to family and friends. Others organize and advocate for change.


One powerful way to achieve the goals of justice and accountability is by taking legal action against the sexual abusers and those who enabled them. California law presently gives survivors of sexual abuse the power to sue their abusers and those whose negligence or intentional actions facilitated or failed to prevent that abuse. Varying time limits apply to these legal actions and you should consult our firm immediately to discuss the details of your potential case to ensure that your rights are best protected. Once these time limits have passed, you can no longer file your case, no matter what the merits are. Time is of the essence.


If you or someone you know was a victim of sexual abuse, or just have an inquiry about a general legal matter, call the Meissner Law Firm at (310) 833-2335 for a free and confidential consultation.

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